The bath you have doesn’t have to be the one you keep


Bathtubs age and so do people. In the lifespan of a tub, or a person, it is likely that your bathtub is going to need a makeover. Refinishing your bathtub by applying a new glaze to it (called “reglazing”) allows you to give an old bathtub a new lease on life. But there is more to bathtub rejuvenation than just making it look good.

Reasons to convert:

According to the New York Times, each year over 235,000 people in the United States visit emergency rooms due to accidents that took place in the smallest room in the home, the bathroom. Over 80% of these injuries are caused by falls and, not surprisingly, your risk of falling increases as you get older. Thankfully, in Phoenix Arizona Affordable Bathtub Conversions are within most budgets.

Step Conversion:

A very common type of bathtub conversion is the addition of a step, or a “step conversion”. This isn’t just adding steps to the outside of your tub – that wouldn’t be particularly safe – no, what I’m talking about is cutting a notch into the side of your tub and converting it in such a way that you can step “through” the side of your tub instead of over it.

Bath to Shower Conversion:

A bigger project than Step Conversion would be converting the bathtub into a shower unit. This could involve major renovation to the bathtub itself and may include its complete removal. Showers are considered safer than bathtubs because the floor surface does not need to be as pitched and it does not need to have walls to hold water. It is stepping over those walls that often leads to accidents. If you are considering this option bear in mind the tiling around your bathtub will need to be replaced as well.

Hand held shower head:

Another very simple way to convert your current bathtub situation is to change the stationary shower head to a hand-held shower head. This may not get rid of the risks that come with the shape and function of a bathtub, but it is very good for dealing with challenges of mobility. You can put the shower head where you need it, not the other way around.

Whichever way you decide to go, Phoenix Arizona Affordable Bathtub Conversions are easy to obtain. There is a surprising variety of businesses that can do the job for you and lots of options equals competitive pricing.

So think about your current bathtub. Does it make you sad? Worse, does it make you worry about falling? Then it might be time to give serious thought to converting your bathtub into a new style that best suits your family’s needs. With just one simple search on-line you can easily find a dozen options. Some of these will be local services that can come and do the work for you while others are on-line kits that provide you with the materials and instructions for a good old fashioned DIY project. Whichever way you choose, it’s empowering to know that the bathtub you have isn’t the one you have to keep for the life of your home.