Sandblasting—Understanding the Basics


Abrasive blasting is a very common process that’s used for a variety of different purposes. It’s primarily used to smooth out rough surfaces. A stream of abrasive material is propelled at very high speeds against a specific surface, thus removing all impurities from the surface and making it smooth for further applications. Very small particles of abrasive material are used for sandblasting to remove all contaminants from the surface and leave it smooth and clean. There are a number of different variants of abrasive blasting, and the type of material used may vary depending on the surface. In some cases, milder materials may be used, while in others, harsher, more abrasive materials may be required.

Sandblasting Understanding the Basics

The Process

Sandblasting in Perth, WA, is generally offered by a number of different companies. It’s mainly used in industrial applications. The process is carried out using specialized machines which are able to direct particles at very high speeds against a particular surface. Sandblasting is a mildly abrasive process, so you should discuss the type of surface with the company before opting for the sandblasting procedure.

Abrasive blasting isn’t anything new. In fact, according to research, the first patent for abrasive blasting was filed back in 1870. It’s come a long way since then, with a variety of different tools and materials now being used on a host of different surfaces. Some of the materials used for blasting purposes include glass beads, garnets, chilled iron grits, soda, and several others. In some cases, dry ice may also be used for blasting.

Getting a Quote

If you want to get abrasive blasting done on any surface, you will first need to request a quote for the total costs of blasting. Depending on the blasting material to be used and the size of the surface, the costs will vary. Sandblasting is generally carried out on different kinds of surfaces. The company will give you a free, no obligation quote for the blasting process. Many people who live in brick houses get sandblasting done on the brickwork to improve its aesthetic appearance and make the place look much better.

Companies that offer sandblasting services generally serve several industries, ranging from structural steel industries to mining and offshore companies. Sandblasting can also be used to remove graffiti or paint damage from the walls. Of course, because it removes all contaminants and uneven particles from the surface, you will need to get the whole surface repainted.

You can compare the costs of sandblasting from two or three different companies and then make a decision after considering the costs and any other features. Most companies also give you a quality guarantee as well, so if you are not satisfied with the work, you can call them again for another bout of sandblasting. You should also ask about the turnaround time on the job before making a decision about which company to go with. A little bit of research could save you from a lot of trouble in the long run.