Refinishing Those Cabinets for Life


When was the last time you walked through your kitchen and thought, this could look better? Maybe you thought it looked like an old style kitchen or that it was just a little rundown. If you’ve thought any of those things then you’re no different from anyone else because we all think it once in a while. But you can definitely do something about it. You can improve your kitchen and the best part is you can do it without having to spend a lot of money. What could be better than that?

Refinishing Those Cabinets for Life

What it Takes

When you redo your kitchen you would generally rip most things out from the cabinets to the appliances and then you replace them all with something new. Unfortunately, while that looks great when you’re done, it also costs a lot of money and most people can’t afford it. That’s when you want to start looking at your cheaper options. You could replace a couple appliances or repaint the walls. You could even redo the floors, but what really gets you the most bang for your buck is refacing and refinishing the cabinets.

What it is

Refinishing means taking the doors you already have and sprucing them up a little to make them look nicer and better. You can do this quite easily because all you need is some sanding tools and some stain or maybe paint, depending on your plans for the doors. You could spend a weekend and have the entire project done and ready to get put back together. That’s a great thing about refinishing versus replacing as well, the down time is going to be a whole lot less in this part of the process.

Trying it Out

The first thing you need to do is look for the stain or paint that you like best. Once you have that you can start taking down the doors from your cabinets and you can start sanding. This is going to be the messy part because of the dust, but it’s going to get you the best results as well. You’ll be able to make the stain and paint stick better by sanding off the old stuff. Once you’re done, you can clean it up and then start putting on your new paint or stain.

Of course, not everyone is cut out for doing these things themselves and you may not have any interest in doing it. Maybe you want to hire someone for that top kitchen cabinet refinishing Alpharetta GA. It will make the work go a whole lot easier and faster and you won’t have to deal with the mess in your home because they can even take the doors and supplies off site to get them prepared. The choice is up to you.

The End

The end result is what you really care about and it’s going to look great when you get those doors back up and the hardware back on, because everything is going to seem like it’s brand new.