How To Re-Decorate Your House On A Budget


We all need to re-decorate our homes once in a while, whether we are going for a whole new look or just want a small change; everything costs money, so we have come up with some great money-saving tips to help decorate your home on a budget.

The hand-making decoration is a great place to start; you can begin with small cushions or pictures on the wall once you have built up some courage you can experiment on bigger items like curtains!

Pick up some fabric from your local fabric store and start by stitching three sides of the fabric together – in a square shape – then with the open end, stuff it with feathers or wool, once this is done you stitch up the final side and voila, you have a brand new cushion!

Re-Decorate Your House On A Budget

If you are looking to bring more light into your home, why not try making yourself some Roman Blinds, while blocking out the sunlight, the fabric is light enough to let light into your room, without it being blinding.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, why not take a look at the Castaldi Micrososia hanging lamp – this is more of an investment piece that is great for adding some extra light to a dark room.

If you want to re-decorate your bedroom, try adding a headboard, it is the perfect combination of form and function, and you can design one from any fabric or material that you wish. It will also help to create a dramatic centerpiece to your room, helping to set the tone for the entire decor.

You can pick up some great bargains from charity shops around the UK; this is certainly a good way of keeping your budget down.

Go the distance and do some rummaging to find yourself some great bargains, buying display pieces like vases and teapots, will help to add detail to your home but they are small enough to be subtle ensuring you don’t overdo it.

If you have small rooms with low ceilings, why not try this great tip. Buy some extra space very cheaply! Make the ceilings look higher and your room look bigger by placing furniture vertically, this allows the eye to follow the lines when walking into a room, by adding drapes on the wall, you can make your windows look taller creating the illusion that more light is being let into the room.

If you are looking to save money on buying new furniture, why not try having a theme to your room, turn your dining room into a nautical paradise by adding some pale blue throws, beige cushions and a few beach-themed decorations such as anchors and starfish – you can even make your starfish by using model clay – leaving to set then painting it.

A great personal touch that can be done with your children! Re-painting an old piece of furniture could be a great way to spruce up your home, try adding a lick of paint and some new hinges to give your chest of draws a new lease of life!

This will mean you don’t have to buy new furniture – saving you a lot of money, as well all know buying furniture is an expensive process.